Remote Temperature Monitor & Intermediate Freeze Alarm

Individuals with dementia are at risk living alone when they can no longer operate their home or apartment temperature controls. For example, they may have accidentally turned off the heat or air conditioning and not remember how to turn it back on. Due to changes in judgment and/or reduced ability to feel extreme heat or cold, they may not even know there is a problem and may not call for help. A remote temperate alert can detect extreme changes in room temperature and send you an alert if the home is too hot or too cold.

This device will call up to three phone numbers with a voice message alert if the home temperature goes outside the range you have set, the power fails, or the back-up battery requires replacing.

The device can be programmed to the temperature range you desire, has an automatic reset, and a quick setup. You can even change the temperature range from a remote phone. The Freeze Alarm indefinitely retains all the phone numbers, temperature alarm setpoints, and security code information even when the power is out or the back-up battery is either dead or removed.

Note that though it is called a “Freeze” alarm, it also sends alerts if the temperature is too high.


  • Alert phone calls are made if the temperature is either too low or too high
  • You set the temperature range (for example, some other units only send alerts when the temperate is in the low 50’s, too cold for people to live in safely)
  • Alert phone calls are made even in the event of a power failure (using the backup battery)


  • Technical support is only available during standard business hours
  • Cost (though there are no monthly fees)
  • Keep in mind that if the phone service fails, alert calls cannot be made
  • The person could unplug the unit if agitated by its presence.