Watch-Like Emergency Locator Device – Using Existing Cellular Network & 911 System

Emfinders EmSeeQ is an emergency locator system that is integrated with the national 911 system and uses the cellular network (the same one that regular cell phones use) to locate a missing person who is wearing the locator device. In a nutshell, if the person is missing:

  • You, the caregiver, first call 911 and file a missing person report.
  • Then place a toll free call to Emfinders emergency center, available 24/7, with the 911 case number assigned to you.
  • Emfinders activates the device, which places a call to the nearest 911 dispatch center, and dispatcher views the device location on their electronic map.
  • Police receive pertinent information about missing person and are dispatched to location (receiving location updates) and assist the person home.

This cellular locator system, in the right situation, can provide peace of mind for you, the caregiver, and help find loved ones and save lives.


  • Could help a person continue living in the community
  • Uses national cellular network
  • Integrated with 911 system
  • Works indoors or outdoors
  • Option to receive alerts when person is leaving home
  • Privacy protection – person’s location is only reported to emergency personnel
  • Water resistant device – can be worn while bathing
  • Wristband also available with secure band (requires 2 hands to remove)
  • Battery lasts up to 1 week before recharging required


  • No system is foolproof
  • Person may refuse to wear device
  • Person may become agitated wearing the device
  • Currently no choice in device color or style
  • Cellular service may be unavailable in some locations