Watch-Like Emergency Locator System

This emergency locator system uses FM radio waves to locate a missing person who is wearing the device. If the person is missing, you, the caregiver, call the designated authorities (usually 911), and file a missing person report. Then trained law enforcement or another public safety agency is dispatched with specialized equipment to pick up the unique signals – up to one mile – emitted from the person’s device. Once the person is found, law enforcement escorts the person home.

This radio frequency locator system, in the right situation, can provide peace of mind for you, the caregiver, and help find loved ones and save lives.

To qualify you (or another caregiver) may need to provide medical documentation and agree to test and log the battery function daily.

A representative from the local law enforcement or other safety agency in charge of the program will make a monthly home visit to change the batteries and make sure the device is working properly.


  • Average rescue time is under 30 minutes
  • Effective in some places where other location technologies may not work
  • Could help a person continue living in the community
  • Privacy protection – person’s location is only reported to emergency personnel
  • Device is waterproof; band is secure (can only be removed by cutting)


  • No system is foolproof
  • Person needs 24/7 caregiver to notice they’re missing
  • Device only tracks up to a mile (but most wanderers are found within this distance)
  • Local law enforcement must have special equipment
  • Person may refuse to wear device
  • Person may become agitated wearing the device
  • Currently no choice in device color or style

If the person is missing, but beyond the one mile limit, he or she still needs to be identified when found. Consider a wallet size ID card or labels sewn into the person’s clothes.