Hinged Elevated Toilet Seats

This hinged 3-inch high riser fits under the existing toilet seat, can be raised and lowered like a standard toilet seat, and allows the original toilet seat lid to close. As it doesn’t significantly change the appearance of the toilet, some individuals find this option more aesthetically pleasing than the standard raised seat which fits on top of the existing seat and does not allow the lid to close. It elevates the seating position by 3¨ for easy sitting and rising. See more elevated toilet seats here.

Some people like hinge feature as it makes cleaning easier. It is available for both standard and elongated toilets. (A model with arm rests to assist a person lower to or push up from the toilet is also available, but without hinges.)


  • Easily used by both males and females
  • Retains use of existing toilet seat
  • Seat can be lifted for easy cleaning
  • Available in both regular and elongated seat models (check your existing seat BEFORE buying – toilet seats are not returnable)


  • Only available in a 3 inch height
  • Costs more than a standard raised seat